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USAF Shadow Box, Officer Flag Display case

USAF Shadow Box, Officer Flag Display case 

Officer Flag and medal display case  

Everyone has heroes. For some of us, they're closer than you think, keeping us safe. The U.S. Armed Forces and ur loved ones, men and women serving in uniform. The few, the proud. The best of the best. Often, we only have to look so far as our friends and our family to find them. What's the best way to say thanks? What's the best way to make the special high-ranking senior master sergeant in your life one of the truly proud?  Surprise them with the exclusive USAF Senior Master Sergeant Custom Shadow Box from Flag Connections – the retirement gift every former career airman needs! This elegant retirement flag shadow box makes an ideal gift for both staff sergeants and technical sergeants who have bravely flown the deep blue skies and forever into our hearts. 

This handsome airman insignia shaped shadow box is made with durable and elegant blemish-free red oak, allowing your loved one to show off their detailed and storied career for the world to see – brightening up and complementing any den or office wall or desktop as a proud reminder of their triumph and service to their country. The bottom centered portion of this elegant USAF Shadow Box holds a triangularly folded flag display case and holder for a 3' X 5' American flag or official embroidered or nylon flag for any of the five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.  

A luxurious crushed velvet background line the interior of the SMSgt. Airman flag frame and shadow box, which is available in red, blue, black or green. Flag Connections is always happy to help you with the perfect color contrast to complement your medals, insignia and memorabilia. The display area's dimensions are 18 ½" X 17 ½", with comfortable room for sleeve uniform stripe insignia to be mounted on the left and a long directional center for mounting Air Force pilot wings. Medals awarded can be hung proudly by their original ribbons, neatly alongside with wings and badges, making the lower compartment a most elegant medal display case. The entire Air Force flag frame and display case comes with wall mountable hardware and brackets for easy at home installation. 

In addition, Flag Connections offers handsome brass replicas of military service medallions upon request. When it comes to accommodating military honors, Flag Connections provides unrivaled customer service.  These make for a unique and personalized gift, as you can have the case engraved specifically to honor your special loved one.  Alongside its reputation for elegant and durable American-made craftsmanship, Flag Connections prides itself on fast shipping, with  same day shipping for all U.S. and Canadian orders. Show the senior master sergeant in your life how proud you are of them and how much you appreciate their service to this country! Proudly display their airman career with a truly unique Air Force flag frame! Flag Connections SMSgt Commemorative Shadow Box display case! 

The perfect case for the career Airman. This case is available in Red Oak, and comes with a red, black, blue or green backround. This case also comes in a 1st Sgt version with the diamond added.  

Holds up to a 3'x5' flag

Mounting backet is included

Display area dimensions are 18 1/2"x  17 1/2"  

The Officer Flag Display case is hand made by Vetrans 

    Orders for the Officer Flag Display case are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

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