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Officers Flag Display Case Plus Photo Fit 5ft x 9.5ft Flag

Officers Flag Display Case AND Photo for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag

Military Flag Case

 The Officers Flag Display Case AND Photo for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag is Great as Burial Flag display case, Military Flag display case, Veteran Flag Display Case, Police Flag Display Case, Memorial Flag Display case, Navy Flag Display Case, Army Flag Display Case, Flag and Medallion Case
  Military Officers Flag Display Case AND Photo for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag Or a 3ft x 5 ft  flag 

 This Officers Flag Display Case AND Photo for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag is constructed as a shadow box and doubles as a photo holder. This double use makes the display case great as a burial flag display case; a military flag display case; a veteran flag display case; a police flag display case; a memorial flag display case, a Navy flag display case; an Army flag display case; and a flag and medallion case.

This Military Flag Case comes with a shadow box that stores and displays precious medals and memorabilia. The shadow box adds to the impressive presentation, a professional and prestigious display that will draw attention of all those who pass by. It also holds your favorite 4 x 6 photo of a loved one that you are proud to display. The flag case is made for a standard 5ft x 9 1/2ft military flag. The shadow box dimensions are approximately 27 inches wide x 16 inches tall. Contents are protected with a high-quality glass facade, using the Plexiglas.

 Store everything in this flag case and shadow box and never worry about misplacing your treasures! This Military Flag Case is available in a deep, rich black finish, although you have a choice of the type of finish you would like on your case.

 As with all of our flag display cases, the Military Flag Case is an American-made product. Each flag display case is constructed from premium woods and hand-finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and made to fit your needs. The photo holder adds a new dimension to the flag display, further personalizing the entire presentation by connecting the special memorial flag with a face or a place. Bring your military flag display a little closer to home with this Military Flag Case with Shadow Box and Photo Holder.

 Optional engraving for your flag case is available.




    Orders  for the American burial flag case are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

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