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Extra Large Award and Flag Display Case for 3x5 flag

Extra Large Award and flag display case   For 3x5 flag   

Award and flag display case display Case

Flag and Certificate Case 

Flag display cases with certificate holder 

The Extra Large flag display case is for that special person in your life who has recently returned home from the armed forces, be it finished tour of duty or home on leave, for any retired war veterans in your family, or to respectfully and lovingly pay tribute to the brave and fallen heroes of your family, this elegant cherry flag and document display case makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

Made of durable cherry wood and protected with a glossy Plexiglas front and a plush, glare free black velvet lining for a background, the Flag and Document case will make an elegant gift, a proud decoration to adorn on any den or bedroom wall. 

the Extra Large Award and flag display case display Case comes with its own mountable hardware for wall mounting and installation.

The Flag and Document display case holds a 3 x 5 flag in the triangular flag case at the bottom, and an 8 ½” x 11” document in the document holder. What better way is there to show your loved one in uniform that you care? What better way to give them a sense of achievement?  Between both the flag and document display frames is a back board with enough adequate space for displaying medals, badges, pilot wings, honors bestowed, and other military memorabilia.

The Extra Large Award and flag display case display Case  is the perfect way to put together a proud collection for anyone whose loved one is serving in the armed forces! Our Flag and Document Display Case allows you to beautifully tell the whole story of your loved one in the armed forces.  Frame dimensions measure at 24" x 25 3/4"

The Extra Large Award and flag display case  is a handsome way to display both certificates of recognition as well as an ideal frame and display for a tri-folded American flag or military flag.

At Flag Connections, we support our country’s service men and women serving overseas; marines, navy, army, air force and coast guard. We recognize that they deserve the best and strive in all our products to give them only the best quality designs and craftsmanship, American made. 

Show your loved one in uniform that they’re nothing but the best with Flag Connections’ Flag and Document Display Case! To complete any collection with the Flag and Document Display Case, Flag Connections makes and provides only top quality military flags and U.S. flags to fit the flag display case and crafted military brass medallions that are complemented flawlessly by the rich velvet background.

The flag and document display case frame is also available in Oak or Cherry .   

This beautiful Cherry Flag and Certificate Case, Flag boxes will hold a 3' x 5' or 5'x 9.5' ( Burial flag) flag in the flag case and a 8 1/2" x 11" document in the document holder. 

 It has a glass front and black lining for an elegant touch.

The back board around the two interior cases is perfect for hanging medals and other memorabilia.  

The Extra Large Award and Flag Display Case Can fit for a 3x5 flag  

Dimensions: 24" x 25 3/4"

  It is a great :

Flag and Medal and or flag and document flag display holder  

Extra Large Award and flag display case, Extra Large flag display case

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